About Me

My story is never ending. I’m a total aquarian. Compassionate. Reflective. Honest. Artistic. Complete realist. (okay…i can actually watch the news without getting depressed). I’m a bit of a social animal. A bit goofy. More Gilligan than the Skipper. More Mary Ann than Ginger. I’m usually older than most of my friends. I have a burning desire to enjoy life at every moment it exists. I take the day as it comes and laugh at it hard when I get home. I’m always on the move. I live on my bike. I’m just as comfortable in a crowd as I am just taking myself to a quite dinner. I’m more martini than wine. More Chicago than L.A. I’m overly creative. I have a job to prove it. I am a compulsive photographer. I collect antique cameras. I’m turned on by art, architecture and outdoors and big books with pictures! I never take life too seriously. I love my friends. Value family and friendships. Go out of my way to help. Have worked at cool jobs like NBC with Johnny Carson, been to the Academy & Emmy Awards. I lived through the riots, and earthquakes. Designed and wrote over 700 greeting cards. I’m only half way done….xo

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